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Expert Review for Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF) Extensions in IANA XML Registry

IANA XMLレジストリのインシデントオブジェクト記述交換フォーマット(IODEF)拡張のエキスパートレビュー



This document specifies restrictions on additions to the subset of the IANA XML Namespace and Schema registries, to require Expert Review for extensions to Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF).

このドキュメントでは、IANA XML名前空間およびスキーマレジストリのサブセットへの追加に関する制限を規定し、インシデントオブジェクト記述交換フォーマット(IODEF)の拡張にエキスパートレビューを要求します。

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1. Introduction
1. はじめに

IODEF extensions via class extension through AdditionalData and RecordItem elements, per Section 5.2 of [RFC5070], generally register their namespaces and schemas with the IANA XML Namespace registry at and the IANA XML Schema registry at, respectively [RFC3688].

[RFC5070]のセクション5.2に従い、AdditionalDataおよびRecordItem要素を介したクラス拡張を介したIODEF拡張は、通常、にあるIANA XML名前空間レジストリに名前空間とスキーマを登録します。 htmlおよびIANA XMLスキーマレジストリ(それぞれ [RFC3688])。

In addition to schema reviews required by IANA, these registry requests should be accompanied by a review by IODEF experts to ensure the specified AdditionalData and/or RecordItem contents are compatible with IODEF and with other existing IODEF extensions. This document specifies that review.


2. Expert Review of IODEF-Related XML Registry Entries
2. IODEF関連のXMLレジストリエントリの専門家によるレビュー

Changes to the XML Schema registry for schema names beginning with "urn:ietf:params:xml:schema:iodef" are subject to an additional IODEF Expert Review [RFC5226] for IODEF correctness and appropriateness.


The IODEF expert(s) for these reviews will be designated by the IETF Security Area Directors.


3. Security Considerations
3. セキュリティに関する考慮事項

This document has no security considerations.


4. IANA Considerations
4. IANAに関する考慮事項

This document specifies additional expert reviews for IODEF extensions, on the XML Schema registry (, in Section 2.


5. Normative References
5. 引用文献

[RFC3688] Mealling, M., "The IETF XML Registry", BCP 81, RFC 3688, January 2004.

[RFC3688] Mealling M。、「The IETF XML Registry」、BCP 81、RFC 3688、2004年1月。

[RFC5070] Danyliw, R., Meijer, J., and Y. Demchenko, "The Incident Object Description Exchange Format", RFC 5070, December 2007.

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