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Ed25519 and Ed448 Public Key Algorithms for the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol




This document describes the use of the Ed25519 and Ed448 digital signature algorithms in the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. Accordingly, this RFC updates RFC 4253.

このドキュメントでは、Secure Shell(SSH)プロトコルでのEd25519およびEd448デジタル署名アルゴリズムの使用について説明します。したがって、このRFCはRFC 4253を更新します。

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Table of Contents


   1.  Introduction
   2.  Conventions Used in This Document
     2.1.  Requirements Language
   3.  Public Key Algorithm
   4.  Public Key Format
   5.  Signature Algorithm
   6.  Signature Format
   7.  Verification Algorithm
   8.  SSHFP DNS Resource Records
   9.  IANA Considerations
   10. Security Considerations
   11. References
     11.1.  Normative References
     11.2.  Informative References
   Authors' Addresses
1. Introduction
1. はじめに

Secure Shell (SSH) [RFC4251] is a secure remote-login protocol. It provides for an extensible variety of public key algorithms for identifying servers and users to one another. Ed25519 [RFC8032] is a digital signature system. OpenSSH 6.5 [OpenSSH-6.5] introduced support for using Ed25519 for server and user authentication and was then followed by other SSH implementations.

セキュアシェル(SSH)[RFC4251]は、セキュアなリモートログインプロトコルです。サーバーとユーザーを相互に識別するための拡張可能なさまざまな公開鍵アルゴリズムを提供します。 Ed25519 [RFC8032]はデジタル署名システムです。 OpenSSH 6.5 [OpenSSH-6.5]では、サーバーとユーザーの認証にEd25519を使用するためのサポートが導入され、その後、他のSSH実装が続きました。

This document describes the method implemented by OpenSSH and others and formalizes the use of the name "ssh-ed25519". Additionally, this document describes the use of Ed448 and formalizes the use of the name "ssh-ed448".


2. Conventions Used in This Document
2. このドキュメントで使用される規則

The descriptions of key and signature formats use the notation introduced in [RFC4251], Section 3 and the string data type from [RFC4251], Section 5.


2.1. Requirements Language
2.1. 要件言語

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "NOT RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in BCP 14 [RFC2119] [RFC8174] when, and only when, they appear in all capitals, as shown here.


3. Public Key Algorithm
3. 公開鍵アルゴリズム

This document describes a public key algorithm for use with SSH, as per [RFC4253], Section 6.6. The name of the algorithm is "ssh-ed25519". This algorithm only supports signing and not encryption.


Additionally, this document describes another public key algorithm. The name of the algorithm is "ssh-ed448". This algorithm only supports signing and not encryption.


Standard implementations of SSH SHOULD implement these signature algorithms.


4. Public Key Format
4. 公開鍵の形式

The "ssh-ed25519" key format has the following encoding:


string "ssh-ed25519"


string key


Here, 'key' is the 32-octet public key described in [RFC8032], Section 5.1.5.


The "ssh-ed448" key format has the following encoding:


string "ssh-ed448"


string key


Here, 'key' is the 57-octet public key described in [RFC8032], Section 5.2.5.


5. Signature Algorithm
5. 署名アルゴリズム

Signatures are generated according to the procedure in Sections 5.1.6 and 5.2.6 of [RFC8032].


6. Signature Format
6. 署名フォーマット

The "ssh-ed25519" key format has the following encoding:


string "ssh-ed25519"


string signature


Here, 'signature' is the 64-octet signature produced in accordance with [RFC8032], Section 5.1.6.


The "ssh-ed448" key format has the following encoding:


string "ssh-ed448"


string signature


Here, 'signature' is the 114-octet signature produced in accordance with [RFC8032], Section 5.2.6.


7. Verification Algorithm
7. 検証アルゴリズム

Ed25519 signatures are verified according to the procedure in [RFC8032], Section 5.1.7.


Ed448 signatures are verified according to the procedure in [RFC8032], Section 5.2.7.


8. SSHFP DNS Resource Records
8. SSHFP DNSリソースレコード

Usage and generation of the SSHFP DNS resource record is described in [RFC4255]. The generation of SSHFP resource records for "ssh-ed25519" keys is described in [RFC7479]. This section illustrates the generation of SSHFP resource records for "ssh-ed448" keys, and this document also specifies the corresponding Ed448 code point to "SSHFP RR Types for public key algorithms" in the "DNS SSHFP Resource Record Parameters" IANA registry [IANA-SSHFP].

SSHFP DNSリソースレコードの使用と生成については、[RFC4255]で説明されています。 「ssh-ed25519」キーのSSHFPリソースレコードの生成は、[RFC7479]で説明されています。このセクションでは、「ssh-ed448」キーのSSHFPリソースレコードの生成について説明します。また、このドキュメントでは、「DNS SSHFPリソースレコードパラメータ」のIANAレジストリ[IANA -SSHFP]。

The generation of SSHFP resource records for "ssh-ed448" keys is described as follows.


The encoding of Ed448 public keys is described in [ED448]. In brief, an Ed448 public key is a 57-octet value representing a 455-bit y-coordinate of an elliptic curve point, and a sign bit indicating the corresponding x-coordinate.


The SSHFP Resource Record for the Ed448 public key with SHA-256 fingerprint would, for example, be:

たとえば、SHA-256フィンガープリントを含むEd448公開鍵のSSHFPリソースレコードは次のようになります。 IN SSHFP 6 2 ( a87f1b687ac0e57d2a081a2f2826723 34d90ed316d2b818ca9580ea384d924 01 )。 IN SSHFP 6 2(a87f1b687ac0e57d2a081a2f2826723 34d90ed316d2b818ca9580ea384d924 01)

The '2' here indicates SHA-256 [RFC6594].

ここでの「2」はSHA-256 [RFC6594]を示します。

9. IANA Considerations
9. IANAに関する考慮事項

This document augments the Public Key Algorithm Names in [RFC4250], Section 4.11.3.


IANA has added the following entry to "Public Key Algorithm Names" in the "Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Parameters" registry [IANA-SSH]:

IANAは、「Secure Shell(SSH)Protocol Parameters」レジストリ[IANA-SSH]の「Public Key Algorithm Names」に次のエントリを追加しました。

                 | Public Key Algorithm Name | Reference |
                 | ssh-ed25519               | RFC 8709  |
                 | ssh-ed448                 | RFC 8709  |

Table 1


IANA has added the following entry to "SSHFP RR Types for public key algorithms" in the "DNS SSHFP Resource Record Parameters" registry [IANA-SSHFP]:

IANAは、「DNS SSHFPリソースレコードパラメータ」レジストリ[IANA-SSHFP]の「公開鍵アルゴリズムのSSHFP RRタイプ」に次のエントリを追加しました。

                    | Value | Description | Reference |
                    | 6     | Ed448       | RFC 8709  |

Table 2


10. Security Considerations
10. セキュリティに関する考慮事項

The security considerations in [RFC4251], Section 9 apply to all SSH implementations, including those using Ed25519 and Ed448.


The security considerations in [RFC8032], Section 8 and [RFC7479], Section 3 apply to all uses of Ed25519 and Ed448, including those in SSH.


11. References
11. 参考文献
11.1. Normative References
11.1. 引用文献

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11.2. Informative References
11.2. 参考引用

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The OpenSSH implementation of Ed25519 in SSH was written by Markus Friedl. We are also grateful to Mark Baushke, Benjamin Kaduk, and Daniel Migault for their comments.

SSHにおけるEd25519のOpenSSH実装は、Markus Friedlによって書かれました。 Mark Ba​​ushke、Benjamin Kaduk、Daniel Migaultのコメントにも感謝します。

Authors' Addresses


Ben Harris 2A Eachard Road Cambridge CB3 0HY United Kingdom

ベンハリス2A Eachard RoadケンブリッジCB3 0HYイギリス


Loganaden Velvindron 88, Avenue De Plevitz Roches Brunes Mauritius

Loganaden Velvindron 88、Avenue De Plevitz Roches Brunesモーリシャス